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Looking after leather

Unlike most things, the natural leather appearance in a toffee product improves with age, however there are a couple of tips to ensure the leather remains in brilliant condition:

  • Avoid storing in plastic or other non-breathable covers, as this will cause the leather to become dry
  • Keep it dry and protect it from direct sunlight or very humid and dry environments
  • Keep it away from abrasive surfaces, and avoid scratching the leather - scratch marks don't go away
  • To clean - wipe the leather with a soft and dry cloth. Never use soap or solvent
  • Treatment with leather cleaners or polishers should be carried out sticking strictly to the instructions provided on the packaging. Never use large quantities - the less the better

Looking after canvas (100% cotton)

To keep your canvas products looking great means to properly maintain the fabric. This can be accomplished by:

  • Brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric 
  • Wiping up spills as soon as they occur, or spot clean straight away
  • Allowing any mud to dry, then gently brushing it off with a soft, lint-free, fabric pad
  • If required, sponging with cold water to remove stubborn marks. Allow fabric to air dry before packing away